WELCOME to Feather Dressage.

Some of you will know who I am, but If you are new to the website let me introduce myself... my name is Kelly.  I am extremely fortunate for my life to revolve around horses and the Equestrian Industry as a whole.  As well as owning and running Feather Dressage, I also have a yard of 20 (numbers are slowly reducing) that I own and run with my fiance Andrew.... 

I have a passion for horses and riders across every discipline as Andrew himself moved from Showjumping to Dressage.  I get to trial products beforehand on our own yard, meaning I only bring the best to you, our clients.  If it is not good enough for our horses, its not good enough for you! Stuck for ideas?! Why not click here or check out Kelly's Top 10 Picks to read reveiws on the MUST HAVES of the season!


To read more about the Feather Dressage Journey click here.

Kelly x x x