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1ST BLOG!!!!!

Posted on April 20 2021

I thought it was time to change it up a bit.  If you follow us on Facebook you will know we not only have our Feather Dressage Page, but also our Feather Dressage Customers Group.  In the group I share my daily crazy goings on.  However there are many of you that dont use Facebook, so I wanted to bring some of what I do to everyone, so you can get to know what I do.  Not only do I run Feather Dressage, I also help my better half Andrew with our stud and also I am a crazy Frenchie lady with 7 French Bulldogs......for my sins! 

The past week, we have foaled down our first two mares of the year.  We breed Dressage horses mostly.  The first two were by Maracana and Glamourdale.  Both colts who we have named Massimo and Gambit.  They are both absolutely adorable and complete and utter time wasters!  We can now get some well needed sleep and Andrew and I will be back on foal watch during June for the next three foals that are due.

2020 and 2021 have been unprecedented years so far for obvious Covid reasons, but with horses, you never really seem to stop.  They are always there to cheer you up when you are feeling down and they are a great leveller.  We have had 2 3yr old colts backed so far this year and they are home with Andrew riding them.  One is by San Amour and the other Vitalis. Both extremely different little personalities and we are both excited for their futures here with Andrew at the helm.

With competitions starting back up, its time for Andrew to dig out those whites and grace the boards with some of our boys and girls to get them out and about. Its been a long time coming and with the sunshine finally appearing, we are hoping for a fantastic summer with the horses!



For now im signing off and wishing everyone a fantastic April xoxox



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