'Thank You' Scheme from Feather Dressage

'Thank You' Scheme from Feather Dressage


As a small business in these uncertain times, social media (Facebook and Instagram) is our outlet to show the world our products and what we do. There is nobody better at presenting these products than our beloved clients!

We dont want a reward scheme to be just about the amount of money a client spends, we want to reward loyalty and happiness of the products we sell!

As a 'thank you' to those that keep supporting us, every month we will do a giveaway to the 5 top clients who have made a positive impact here at Feather Dressage HQ.  These clients will receive a SPECIAL THANK YOU from us with items such as discount codes, vouchers, free products, Feather Dressage tshirts, jumpers or saddlepads!

We want clients to feel that any time that they write a review, post a picture and tag us or even tell friends about us and where they got their matchy hauls from, there is a chance for a reward!!!! 

Its a chance to give back to our supporters. We want you guys to feel appreciated for shopping with us!

Hopefully this is something you guys will enjoy as we absolutely LOVE seeing all your pictures!!!



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