Flex-on Composite Stirrup

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Designed from an organically sourced polyamide material, the Green Composite stirrup is designed on the same model as the Aluminium Flex-on stirrup. It can be cleaned with water and is therefore easier to maintain. It is aimed at a wider range of riders.

Still providing dramatically improved technical performance in terms of shock absorption and  ergonomics (a specific feature of Flex-on), it has an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer part. The Green Composite stirrup is designed to be competitively priced while still maintaining Flex-on’s established quality and design features.

The more price competitive composite-based version of Flex-on's innovative hi-tech stirrups, designed - and scientifically proven - to provide help with riding position and reduce strain on the leg muscles and joints. These offer the same amazing ride as the original aluminium-framed model and have to be tried to be believed

Stocked in black but also available with custom coloured frames and/or elastomers to order - please see below in red

Choice of frame colour


Choice of shock absorbers


Choice of footrest


Choice of tread



  • Lightweight: strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and polyamide composites with steel core
  • Innovative balance: clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, plus carefully designed multi-inclination footbed, help create the ideal position for rider's leg and foot
  • Shock absorbing: Elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help absorb shocks and vibration 
  • Ultra-grip mixed inclination footbed: small studs embedded in the stirrup tread grip the boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse, without damaging boots. 
  • Colour options: can be ordered in a variety of colour combinations - e.g. to match your matchy!!!


 please note that all custom made designs need to be ordered from France and can take 10-14 days to reach us. They will then be sent out immediately to you. Any questions please dont hesitate to email me at kelly@featherdressage.com  - please put your specific order in the comments box at checkout